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There are thousands of web hosts out there and almost all of them CAN host a WordPress site. Then what is ‘Wordpress Hosting’ and why would you need a specialized WordPress hosting?

Frankly, you can choose any good host and set up your WordPress site there. Even though LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP) is the most popular platform, WordPress will run fine on Windows as well. Most control panels will have a script installer which supports WordPress and installing a WordPress powered site would take only few clicks, even for someone with no technical skills. Popular hosts like Hostgator and Bluehost are perfect for WordPress and in fact vast majority of WordPress sites run on such hosts. Some of them would even advertise ‘Wordpress Hosting’ even though they do not have any special server support or assistance for WordPress.

However, this vanilla WordPress hosting doesn’t meet the requirements of most of the serious WordPress users. Many of them would prefer a host that would take care of the technical sides of running a WordPress site and allow them to concentrate on what they do best. That is where the specialized WordPress hosting comes in. Obviously they charge way too high compared to typical shared hosting, as much as 2-5 times the cost of an average shared hosting. But if you are one of the webmasters who prefer a managed service that would offer you specialized WordPress service and peace of mind, here are our top three picks for you.

#1 WP – Engine

WP Engine is our top pick for WordPress hosting and that is not without a reason. They offer everything you might need and more. Expert WordPress support, extremely fast optimized servers, full backups, suggestions and set up of plugins, protection and assistance with hacking and more. Sites hosted on WP Engine are known to run super fast and their customer support is knowledgeable and super fast. They scan for vulnerabilities, fix them and in case you are hacked, they get the site back without any additional charges. Pricing starts from $29 per month- which is money well spent, if you are serious about your blog.

#2 Page.ly

Page.ly is another recommended WordPress specialist that is almost as good as WP Engine. The service isn’t much different – upgrades, performance, security, they take care of them all. In addition to the usual personal, business, professional packages, they offer an enterprise solution as well. So even if you have millions of visitors, they have a scalable solution for you. Page.ly pricing starts from $24 for personal package, which should be good enough for a small site without much traffic.

#3 Synthesis

Synthesis is yet another specialist, not much different from the two above. They do not provide cPanel or other typical control panels due to the fact that their platform is optimized for WordPress and do not want customers to enable something that would affect the overall server performance. In addition to superior uptime and speed, they also offer content optimization and SEO related help. Synthesis provides tools to reach out to writers and people who can help you with the content, directly from the control panel. Pricing starts from $27, which is again not different from the other two.


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